From a simple maintenance wash or mini valet, to a full interior and exterior valet, we offer a service to suit your needs.
A full valet will show your car at it's best if you're planning on selling it or using it for a special occasion.
We can also offer a range of interior leather and fabric protection which could prevent unwelcome marks and stains.


Paint correction (machine polishing) is appropriate for-
  • Restoring the appearance of dull, tired and faded paintwork.
  • Removing the haze caused by repeated car washing over time.
  • New car paint correction to remove factory paint imperfections.


Depending on your budget, we can offer you some options:-
  • Classic carnauba wax which provides protection from the elements gives your paint a warm glow.
  • Entry level ceramic coating provides up to 12 months of enhancement and protection
  • High end accredited ceramic coating provides UV protection, gloss enhancement and swirl protection


Paint damage can occur which doesn't warrant an insurance claim but needs to be addressed in order to maintain the appearance of your vehicle.
We offer paint repair services either at our premises or yours.
Savings can be made by repairing leased cars before returning them thus avoiding potentially costly penalties.


We offer in-house design and application of vinyl graphics for your company vehicles. 
New vehicles can have paintwork enhancement, graphics fitted and then protection applied over the top to provide a bright and bold result.

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