Paint Correction
Paint Protection
Paint Repair

Even brand new cars have paint defects that need to be remedied. Older cars get scratched through washing and daily use. All of this can be addressed at MVS Detailing using a variety of products and techniques.

Once your paintwork has been corrected and repaired it makes sense to give it the best protection. MVS is accredited to apply a range of the latest ceramic coatings which enhances gloss and protects against scratches.

Deep scratches and dents really attract attention and can affect the value of your car. MVS can repair your paintwork, often times without needing to be resprayed.

Vehicle Graphics

Sure you can spend a fiver at the hand car wash, but if you want your pride and joy to receive professional attention using the best products and techniques, then you need to bring it to MVS.

Whether accessorising your personal car or adding livery to your business vehicles, here at MVS, we've got it covered.

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